Science Fair

Slide show of the 2010 Science Fair

Science Fair 2013 Information and Forms:
    Cover Letter
    Guidelines and Due Dates
    Topic Form - due March 22
    Planning Form - due April 5

You may, of course, purchase a trifold display board from a stationery store. However, they can also be made from 3 large pieces of cardboard that are taped together, or take a box that holds multiple reams of copy paper and cut out the two short ends.

Here is an example of an experiment we did few years ago in class, and how it could be displayed as a science fair exhibit.

We used a three-panel poster board so that it would stand on its own on the top of a desk.

On the left panel we listed :
  • our purpose, 
  • our prediction (or hypothesis),
  • the materials we used.

On the center panel we listed
  • the title of our investigation
  • pictures of some of the materials & doing the experiment
  • a graph of our results of the three trials we ran

On the right panel we listed
  • our procedure
  • more photos
  • our results and conclusions

This is just one way to display our investigation. What is important is that all the information is included: Title, hypothesis, procedure, data, results and conclusions; and that it is presented in a clear and logical order.